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Friday, November 11, 2011

Big Labor Takes Money Away from Disabled for Contributions to Democrats

The people who claim to care so much for the needy in our society are robbing them!

During her tenure in office Gov. Jennifer Granholm, D-Mich, instituted a plan whereby family members who care for the disabled in the home would be classified as public employees who would be automatically considered members of a labor union though without any tangible benefits. Furthermore, under the plan, those families who receive Medicaid benefits to support the care of their disabled family member would have a portion of that money deducted automatically for union dues.

In an update on the story, the Washington Examiner has this:
If you're a parent who accepts Medicaid payments from the State of Michigan to help support your mentally-disabled adult children, you qualify as a state employee for the purposes of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). They can now claim and receive a portion of your Medicaid in the form of union dues.

Robert and Patricia Haynes live in Michigan with their two adult children, who have cerebral palsy. The state government provides the family with insurance through Medicaid, but also treats them as caregivers. For the SEIU, this makes them public employees and thus members of the union, which receives $30 out of the family's monthly Medicaid subsidy. The Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQC3) deducts union dues on behalf of SEIU.
“We're not even home health care workers. We're just parents taking care of our kids,” Robert Haynes, a retired Detroit police officer, told the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. “Our daughter is 34 and our son is 30. They have cerebral palsy. They are basically like 6-month-olds in adult bodies. They need to be fed and they wear diapers. We could sure use that $30 a month that's being sent to the union.”
Mr. and Mrs. Haynes, of course, are both the parents (the employer) and the health care providers for their children, but they still lose money to the SEIU every month, despite having no interest in joining the union. They have been arbitrarily classified as state employees so that the union can take money from them.
The amount collected annually for SEIU by the state is $6 million. That's $6 million that won't go to families to provide care. That's $6 million that will be used by the union to fund Democrat political campaigns at the expense of the disabled!

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