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Monday, November 14, 2011

Is Newt Next at Number One?

And will that make the latest anti-Romney candidate the target of Cain-style attacks?

One after another the anti-Romney GOP hopefuls have shot to the top only to sink. Some faster, some slower. It's almost as if someone was out there manipulating the process to give Romney an edge. Other than Romney, who could that be?

Recent polls show support for Newt Gingrich on the rise as support for Cain and Romney begins to taper off. From Real Clear Politics:
Described by Fox News analyst Brit Hume as "Uncle Newt" for his positive role in debates and refusal to engage in bashing rivals seems to be paying off for the former Speaker. But how long will it be before Newt gets the Cain treatment? Whether it's some new attack on Newt or just a replay of the attacks that did so much to damage his reputation over the years it seems inevitable that as Newt rises, powerful forces will do what they can to destroy him.

Fingers might point to Romney as the source of attacks. But the Chicago cronies who dominate Obama's campaign aren't above taking out the candidates they perceive would be a stronger challenge to Obama than Romney. Romney's flip flops on so many issues and his advocacy of state run health care create a hole in Romney's vaunted electability big enough for Obama to drive a union truck through.

Hold on to your hat Newt! You're about to get Cain treatment!

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