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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pelosi and Top House Dems Embrace Disgraced, Censured Charlie Rangel

One year ago the House voted to censure Rangel. But now, House Dems are heaping on the praise to help him get re-elected!

I've often said that one of the big differences between Republicans and Democrats in Washington is that once a scandal touches a Republican elected official party leaders give him the bum's rush to the door. On the other hand, Dems like to leave the garbage sitting in the middle of the room and don't seem to mind the stink.

Another great example occurred this week when Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) held a top dollar fundraiser at a D.C. restaurant attracting lobbyists willing to shell out $5,000 a piece to get up close and personal with the top Democrat leadership. Odd considering that Rangel was the first member of Congress to be officially censured by a vote of the House for his ethical problems in nearly 30 years.

Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself read the resolution of censure after Rangel was called to stand in the well of the House in shame.

That was then, this is now:
“Last night marked a momentous evening in my campaign for re-election,” Rangel wrote in a letter to supporters on Thursday. “At a special event in Washington, Democratic leaders including Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, James Clyburn, Sandy Levin, John Conyers, Emmanuel Cleaver, and Steve Israel stood by my side and pledged their unwavering support on my behalf. I am so humbled and grateful for their involvement.”

As further evidence of how he had gone from opprobrium to affirmation, Rangel attached an article from Politico headlined “What Censure? Rangel’s Back.” The article included quotes from Rangel taunting the House ethics committee members and saying his censure was all for show.
when it comes to hypocrisy, you have to raise a glass to the Democratic leaders who went for cocktails with Rangel donors paying $500 for individual access and $5,000 to be Political Action Committee “chairs.” “No corporate checks, please,” one solicitation reminded, under Rangel’s name.

The early solicitations promised access to “special guests” such as Hoyer, before the “great news” came out that Pelosi would attend. For lobbyists too busy to join, the campaign “would be willing to set up your own event” with Rangel.
Don't expect the "news" media obsessed with Herman Cain and decades old unproven charges to spend much time reporting on Rangel's speedy rehabilitation. It would conflict too much with their approved story line that Republicans are the source of corruption and scandal in Washington. Like every other story contradicting that line (Fast and Furious, Solyndra) this too will be swept to the back pages or downplayed if not ignored entirely.

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