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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dem Jon Corzine, Key Player in Obama's "Recovery" Plan Can't Explain Where Stock Firms $1.2 Billion in Client Money Went

If Corzine was a Republican this would be major front page news and Corzine would face jail time!

It's strange how the Occupy Wall Street crowd never protested the greed of Democrats like Jon Corzine. The former U.S. Senator and Governor of New Jersey who headed up the Wall Street trading firm MF Global testified before Congress Thursday and said he didn't know what happened to the $1.2 billion that is missing from client funds. Like every other Democrat Corzine blamed his predecessor for the problem.

Funny how the few news reports which do run in the evening news describing this scandal bury or fail to mention Corzine's party affiliation, his part in Obama campaign fundraising or the key role he played in developing Obama economic policy.

But we remember, even if ABCCBSNBCPBS and all the rest do not:

Obama and Biden Praise Corzine; cite key role in Obamanomics!

The "first guy" Joe Biden called after the 2008 election was Jon Corzine! Instead of bothering with the missing $1.2 Billion, maybe we should ask Corzine what happened to the FIVE TRILLION Obama has squandered!

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