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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Occupy Los Angeles Protesters Leave Behind 30 Tons of Trash

These are the high minded 99% who are going to save the world?

Imagine for one moment the media reaction if any Tea Party protester did so much as drop a gum wrapper during one of their events. It would be front page news!

But don't expect the media to pay much attention to the mountains of filth left behind by Occupy protesters once their foul nests are emptied. This is the scene in Los Angeles after the so-called 99% were cleared out:

Save the Planet?
The Los Angeles Times, one of the only news outlets to report on this disgrace was so appalled that they set up a web page with a panaromic view of the mess.

Want to see what the National Mall in Washington, D.C. looked like after the biggest Tea Party protest in 2009 with hundreds of thousands attending?

Compare that to the National Mall after Obama's inauguration in 2009:


The Occupy mob is just another in a long line of astroturf phony groups who parade around espousing high ideals but in reality are nothing but a dirty rabble leaving garbage in their wake.

Like  good socialists everywhere the Occupy protesters expect someone else to clean up the mess. That's NOT the American way!

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