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Friday, January 20, 2012

Desperate Romney Phone Calls and Mailings in Final Hours of SC Campaign

The guy who started the negative campaign in Iowa directed at Newt may be beaten by his own negativity in SC!

This afternoon the calls started coming in every few hours. One said "This is Mitt Romney, again" and asked for my vote. Another was from his wife Ann. A third replayed the audio of the ad that Speaker Gingrich cut with Nancy Pelosi. I stopped anwering the phone after that but the calls kept coming.

And the following arrived yesterday by mail from the Romney campaign:


There were three more pages just like that or worse.

Romney has waged what amounts to a "dirty campaign" that goes far beyond what most of us have seen in the past. And in South Carolina, that is saying something.

The reason for Romney's desperation is clear. Look at the Real Clear Politics graph below and how Newt (green) surged in the days since his stellar performance at the Myrtle Beach debate:


If these polls are correct, Newt Gingrich will win the South Carolina Primary on Saturday and we will have a real contest for the GOP nomination between a real conservative and a Massachusetts moderate.

May the real conservative win!

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