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Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Empire Strikes Back!" GOP Establishment Goes All Out Against Gingrich

What a shame these same folks couldn't fight this hard against Obama!

Rush Limbaugh calls it a "Coordinated Avalanche Against Newt." Last week, the full weight of the entire GOP establishment spoke with one voice. Not in an unfettered endorsement of Mitt Romney (does anyone REALLY like him much?) but in an effort to derail the presidential ambitions of Newt Gingrich. The establishment has lined up in Florida behind a firewall created by the Romney campaign to stop the Newt juggernaut which came out of South Carolina threatening to undue their prince's plans.

What a shame this same bunch couldn't direct their concentrated fire towards Obama. But readers may recall how the GOP establishment collectively issued a warning following Obama's victory in which they forbade criticizing the most radical, corrupt and incompetent President of our lifetime. Romney continues to follow this plan. Mitt won't call Obama a "socialist." In an interview he explained the he "didn't want to be calling him [Obama] names" yet he has no problem calling Newt Gingrich every name in the book.

What do you bet that if Romney gets the nomination, all these coordinated efforts that have been so successful against Gingrich will disappear? Too afraid of being called "racists" or of upsetting the go along to get along apple cart which throws out scraps to the establishment GOP the attack dogs will go silent until the next time the peasants get out of line.

And the losers like Dole and McCain who have rallied around Romney will no doubt impart to him the secret campaign methods which made them the spectacular failures of their time!

Insurgents vs. the Establishment

Newt's recent endorsements include Michael Reagan, Fred Thompson and Herman Cain and J.C. Watts among many others. And while Sarah Palin hasn't officially endorsed Gingrich, she might as well:

PALIN: "Rage against the machine vote for Newt, annoy a liberal. Vote Newt. Keep this vetting process going, keep the debate going."

South Carolina voters did their job and rejected the establishment rush to anoint the go along to get along candidate who is more invested in protecting establishment interests than promoting conservative principles. It's up the voters of Florida on Tuesday. And if they can't do it, then it's on to the next state!

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