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John Bolton

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Huntsman to Drop Out of GOP Race & Endorse Romney

Now, if we could just narrow the conservative field down to one Romney alternative!

On Saturday Huntsman was here on Hilton Head Island, SC addressing a crowd of approximately 250 which was about as many votes as he could expect to get in next Saturday's primary.

So, it's no surprise he will be dropping out of the race on Monday according to this story in the Washington Times.

I can't say I'll miss him. He never had a chance to win the nomination and just took up space in the debates. And I'm not at all surprised that he would endorse Romney as the two are both such vanilla middle of the roaders as to be nearly indistinguishable in many ways.

What a shame Rick Perry doesn't also pull out and throw his support to Newt and make this a real horse race in SC!

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