John Bolton

John Bolton

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Monday, January 09, 2012

Lost in the Looking Glass

The Obamas are wrapped up in escaping from the reality they wrought!


So we learned that the Obama had a secret Mad Hatter Hollywood tea party at the White House for Halloween in 2009. So what? It's been one non stop party, five star vacation, golf outing, Republican bashing since they got there. Should anyone be surprised that the most out of touch, incompetent, corrupt and radical administration in history threw yet another weird party to keep from facing the consequences of their mismanagement?

Pile on top of that the bailouts, the takeovers, the payoffs to contributors and unions, the unconstitutional appointments and we're overwhelmed and almost desensitized to further Obama outrages. Sadly many Americans have become almost inured to Obama's misdeeds and missteps. God help us if he gets re-elected!

If the Obamas really wanted to throw a freak show party they didn't need to invite Johnny Depp. Just bring in the Occupy Wall Street crowd. They'd fit right in!

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