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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt SC Win Exposes Establishment and Romney Weakness Against Obama

Michael Walsh at National Review nails it once again!

Throughout this early primary process Michael Walsh has been a voice in the wilderness warning that Romney was not as "electable" as the establishment bandwagon seemed to suggest.

His views are confirmed by Newt's big win in SC. You'll want to read the whole piece titled "What's the Rationale Now?. Here's an excerpt to tease you:
With Newt’s big win tonight, the glaring weakness of Mitt Romney now stands revealed for all to see. Hopefully including Mitt. Because if this wasn’t a wake-up call for Team Romney, he’s a totally hopeless candidate.
What counts is passion. The 2010 midterms proved that, but the GOP bonzes seemed embarrassed by the Tea Party’s success. They pushed the “electable” and “inevitable” memes as hard as they could in the service of a milquetoast candidate, and the mainstream media, openly rooting for the other side, was only too happy to help them out. As I’ve been saying, Romney’s been the candidate the Democrats have wanted to face all along, in part because of his glass ceiling. Which is turning out to be a glass jaw.

So Romney has simply got to come up with a more cogent rationale for his candidacy than he has up to now if he has any hope of becoming president. He can’t run for CEO any more.
Segments on the right have not entirely digested the notion that Obama and his party are running on a platform of contempt for America and “fundamental change” for the future; it’s like they think the Dems don’t really mean it. And that taking the high road by confining the campaign to “jobs” will appeal to the “real” America somewhere out there in the heartland. And that playing rough is beneath us.

Newt played rough in South Carolina and won big. That ought to tell the GOP something. Whether it will is another story. If this loss tonight makes Romney a stronger, better, more articulate candidate, terrific. But he has to learn from this stunning defeat: The base is itching for a fight with everything the Obama Democrats stand for and they don’t much care who gives it to them, just as long as somebody does. Tonight, that’s Newt.

As the late Al Davis used to say, “Just win, baby.” And, as the Democrats say, “by any means necessary.” It’s high time they got a taste of their own medicine — and understand there’s a lot more where that came from.

Let me just boil that down a bit. "What counts is passion." We are not electing a CEO, we are electing a man to lead us to victory in November and to lead the charge to dismantle Obama's legacy of failure. We need a general who inspires the troops to get off their feet and go vote. Newt showed he can do that in South Carolina and if that talent translates to other states, it's clear he would be the better nominee to go after Obama!

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