John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rick Perry Drops Out, Endorses Newt Gingrich!

Rick Perry drops out of the presidential race this morning at 11 AM in Charleston, SC near where his campaign began.

A lot of us had high hopes for Governor Perry, a good and decent man and an unwavering conservative but he failed to catch on after what was an early spurt of enthusiasm from potential voters.

As I noted in my report below of his visit to my area last week, he went to the Squat and Gobble diner in Bluffton, SC. The same place where I visited with Fred Thompson in 2007. Perry's trajectory in the campaign was much the same as Thompsons. A great deal of early enthusiasm which was not sustained.

How much will endorsement for Newt help?

With Perry running slightly above 4% in most SC polls, the endorsement of Newt won't help a great deal. But with the contest between Newt and Romney narrowing in Newt's favor since the Monday debate in Myrtle Beach a few thousand more votes could be what puts Newt over the top.

P.S. Today's U.S. mail brought three piece of campaign material from Rick Perry along with the usual garbage from Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. They arrived just as Perry was withdrawing from the race. Too late!

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