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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obama: Americans Need $40 Tax Cuts to Pay for Higher Gas Prices Caused by My Radical, Incompetent and Corrupt Administration

If he cared so much about high gas prices, or jobs for Americans, he would lead the way to new supplies of American energy!

Obama is out there telling Congress to pass yet another extension of the payroll tax cuts and deal with all the other bad business he and fellow Dems insisted be kicked down the road from last year. And as usual, it's a crisis that can't wait!

Now, Obama is using high gas prices as an excuse for the immediate passage of a Dem bill that will once again ignore nearly every GOP idea. So much for bipartisanship and listening to the other side.

In his recycled, rerun of a speech on Tuesday Obama said this:

OBAMA:“And when gas prices are on the rise again – because as the economy strengthens, global demand for oil increases – and if we start seeing significant increases in gas prices, losing that $40 could not come at a worse time,”

Yeah... that $40 bucks will go such a long way when it comes to filling up the tank!

Nothing in his speech about opening up the vast areas where we know American oil and gas are available for the taking. Nothing about the tens of thousands that new American energy production would create. Nope.

Instead of working for REAL and PERMANENT solutions to America's economic and energy challenges Obama is all about Band Aids. And small, insignificant Band Aids at that!

And while Obama is passing out a paltry $40 to the great unwashed, his friends and campaign contributors are getting filthy rich off government grants and loans for unsustainable green energy programs.

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