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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Contraception Activist Using Women's Health as "Political Football"

If you wanted proof that the contraception issue was manufactured by Democrats for political gain, the lesson of Sandra Fluke is clear!

So, get this: Sandra Fluke, who got a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies from Cornell in 2003 decided to go to law school. Sandra, who was the treasurer of a pro-choice group at Cornell picked Georgetown Law as her school of choice.

Georgetown Law is part of the Catholic University system which frowns on abortion and birth control. Why would Ms. Fluke, an activist in those issues choose Georgetown? From the Washington Post:
Fluke came to Georgetown University interested in contraceptive coverage: She researched the Jesuit college’s health plans for students before enrolling, and found that birth control was not included. “I decided I was absolutely not willing to compromise the quality of my education in exchange for my health care,” says Fluke, who has spent the past three years lobbying the administration to change its policy on the issue.
Got that? Ms. Fluke knew full well what kind of contraception options she would have as a student at Georgetown Law but went there anyway and immediately began to protest. At one point she served as president of the school’s Students for Reproductive Justice group.

On Thursday Ms. Fluke appeared before a staged hearing in Congress to describe the hardship of paying $1,000 per year for birth control. During her "testimony" Fluke inadvertently revealed the real motivation behind the hearing and the recent unexpected rise of this issue:
Sadly, I think what I have learned is how willing some members of our government are to play political football with women’s health,” she says. “That has been heartbreaking to watch.
This entire "debate" on contraception has been a political set up from the Obama Administration from the get go. The Gallup poll tracks the issues Americans are most concerned about. The economy, unemployment and federal deficit/debt top the list. No where does contraception or reproductive rights appear in any of these surveys.

Rather than face the American people with his appalling record on the economy, jobs or federal spending, President Obama and his Democrat allies are trying to change the subject by turning contraception into that "political football" that Ms. Fluke complained about. But surely Ms. Fluke knows she is a pawn in that game!


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