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John Bolton

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hoodie Wearing Shooter Kills 1, Wounds 5 in Chicago District Represented by Hoodie Protest Congressman

What a shame Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) seems to care more for theatrics in the wake of Trayvon Martin's death than he does for the citizens of his own district!

On Wednesday, Congressman Bobby Rush tried to make a point on the floor of the House of Representatives by violating House rules and wearing a hoodie."Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum," Rush said before being removed from the floor. Later he claimed that his protest was more important than House rules which govern our government's most democratic body. "Sometimes decorum has to take a back seat," was Rush's response.


One wonders if maybe some of the gang bangers in Rush's Chicago district might have been inspired by his example. One day later, on Thursday, 2 people were killed and 13 others wounded in Chicago with the worst attack occurring in Rep. Rush's district:
The worst shooting occurred around 6 p.m. Thursday when two men in hooded sweatshirts opened fire inside a convenience store in the 1400 block of West 79th Street in the Gresham neighborhood, police said.

One man was killed and five others were wounded. The victims ranged in age from 16 to 24.
Where is the outrage for these young people whose lives were cut short or forever scarred by violence?

6 year old Aliyah Shell, victim of the
Chicago murder spree. Where are the
protests for this young life cut short?
Or what about the 10 killed and 39 wounded in Chicago ten days earlier? All of this carnage is happening in Obama's hometown. Has he spoken out describing how the victims look like they could be his kids? What about 6 year old Aliyah Shell who was playing on the front porch of her home when a gang banger's bullet ended her young life? Where is the outrage?

The sad truth is that there isn't any outrage over these killings and there won't be. Dems and their racebaiting allies can't make political hay off these tragedies the way they did with the death of Trayvon Martin. Dems are registering voters at rallies to protest Trayvon's killing. And Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager accused Republicans of "politicizing" the tragedy.

Along with record high unemployment (14.1% in February) there is an epidemic of violent death crippling minority communities across this nation. Instead of deal effectively and honestly with that crisis, Dems whip up racial frenzy to distract from their failure!

UPDATE: Strip club party for Trayvon Martin canceled. As if you needed another example of how out of control this Trayvon Travesty has become. And it's a safe bet the strip club promoters aren't voting Republican!

UPDATE: Rich Lowry, writing in the NY Post lists more stories of young black lives cut short by gun violence that didn't catch the attention of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Here's an excerpt:
Last year, Charinez Jefferson, 17, was shot and killed on a Chicago street. “She begged the shooter not to shoot her because she was pregnant,” a pastor explained. The alleged assailant, Timothy Jones, 18, shot her in the head, chest and back after seeing her walking with a rival gang member.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow did not write a column about Jefferson’s killing as a symbol of the perils of being a young black woman in America.
In January, 12-year-old Kade’jah Davis was shot and killed when, allegedly, 19-year-old Joshua Brown showed up at her Detroit house to demand the return of a cellphone from Davis’ mother. When Brown didn’t get the phone, he fired shots through the front door.

No one held high-profile street protests to denounce gunplay over such trifles.
An injustice may well have been done in the handling of the Martin shooting, but let’s not fool ourselves. Zimmerman could be arrested, convicted and hanged tomorrow, and it would have no effect on the lives of young black people in communities beset by social disorder.

Whatever happens to Zimmerman, the drip-drip of spilled blood will continue, all but ignored except in the police blotter.

In America, the lives of young black people are cheap, unless they happen to fit the right agenda.

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