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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Reality Gap in Obama's Energy Policy

Claiming he's for "all of the above" for energy when he's blocking all but green energy is not the solution America needs!

Obama is out there again trying to convince people who don't pay close attention that he really, REALLY is doing everything he can to lower gas prices and get the energy America needs to grow and get back to work.

Part of his campaign was a visit to Cushing, Oklahoma on Thursday where he stood in front of pipe equipment and claimed he was all for pipelines. That was a bit too much for one commenter who said "it takes a special kind of politician to be able to hold a photo-op for a project he’s rejected – twice – and personally lobbied members of Congress to block."

Political Farce: Obama in Cushing, OK trying to convince Americans he is for oil pipelines when he's worked not once, not twice, but three times to block the Keystone project.

The focus of Obama's visit to Cushing was to try and claim credit for the building of the tail end of the Keystone pipeline. But well informed readers will remember that this portion of the line does not require the same level of federal approval as the major portion of the pipeline that altogether would bring more than one million barrels of oil per day into the U.S. from Canada supplying approximately 5% of our daily needs.

The problem with Obama's photo op in Cushing is that he's done everything he could to block completion of the pipeline. The following graphic from House Speaker John Boehner's office shows the gap between Obama's rhetoric and reality. Move your cursor over the graphic for more info.

Keystone just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blocking energy

Funny, but a President who says he is for "all of the above" when it comes to energy sure does spend a lot of time trying to block new energy projects. Whether it's regulatory handcuffs by government agencies or the actions of Obama's environmental activist allies, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put together the following map showing where energy projects have been stalled or killed. Check the Chamber's web site to see what projects in your state are being blocked.

Energy projects blocked or killed by government or environmental activism.
Obama's answer to America's energy needs? How about a solar electricity producer that relies on federal subsidies to create five jobs to the tune of $10 million per job? Does that sound like a sustainable program for America's future?

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