John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

With New Ad Campaign, Environmental Group Reveals Focus is on Politics, Not Saving the Planet

But scaremongering will remain focus of group's ads no matter how badly tarnished global warming message has become!

Every so often you come across a story in the mainstream media which lets the liberal cat out of the bag. This story does just that:
'Global warming' gets a rebranding
By: Erica Martinson and Jonathan Allen
March 21, 2012

Shhhh! Don’t talk about global warming!

There’s been a change in climate for Washington’s greenhouse gang, and they’ve come to this conclusion: To win, they have to talk about other topics, like gas prices and kids choking on pollutants.

More than two years since Democrats’ cap-and-trade plan died in Congress, the strategic shift represents a reluctant acknowledgment from environmentalists that they’ve lost ground by tackling global warming head-on. Their best bet now lies in a bit of a bait and switch: Help elect global warming fighters by basing campaigns on kitchen-table issues.

“You don’t have to be James Carville to figure out that talking about people’s health and the health of their children … is going to make a difference to the average voter,” Daniel Weiss, director of climate strategy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, said.
Earlier this month, the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council made a seven-figure ad buy in swing states featuring young children with asthma inhalers making their way through the Capitol.

“We’re going to talk a lot about the health implications of dirty air,” said Heather Taylor, director of NRDC’s political arm. “I think that the Midwest is one of those places where [there are] a million great clean energy stories, especially. And they’re not being told right now, because we’ve tended to be in other markets. That’s an area where we feel like it’s time to go tell those stories.”
Here's the Sierra Club/NRDC ad. Nothing new here. Environmental groups have made a specialty of developing scaremongering campaigns featuring children. Who can forget the runaway freight train headed straight for a little girl in the 2006 ad from the Environmental Defense Fund. Or how about the little girl being read a bedtime climate change horror story with the evil monster CO2 drowning her pets?

And of course there are the efforts by the National Wildlife Federation and the World Wildlife Fund to scare children into thinking that the polar bears are drowning.Then, there is my personal favorite for scaring the kiddies: Santa isn't coming to town next Christmas. He's going to drown because the North Pole is melting (it's not).

Despite phony scares, air quality is better than ever

The latest Sierra Club ad, like all the rest, is nothing but a flat out lie. Using children with asthma inhalers in a commercial is the worst form of propaganda because there simply is no crisis in children's health related to air quality.

Witness Air Quality Trends from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In every category over the last thirty years pollutants have dramatically decreased.

Source: Air Quality Trends, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

So why the scaremongering ads? Simple. All of these ads are for one purpose only. To raise money to advance a left wing political agenda that has more to do with acquiring political power than it does with saving the planet.

What's more shameful and disgusting than using children for a scaremongering campaign? How about wasting billions, even trillions, on a phony global warming fraud when the real human needs of children across the planet are crying out in the areas of poverty, disease, literacy and quality of life. Wouldn't the world be a better place if the global warmers devoted their resources to helping children instead of scaring them?

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