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Monday, May 07, 2012

Campaign Kickoff Shows Obama's Army of the Uninformed is Dwindling

The voters have had nearly four years to realize what a sham Hope and Change was. They won't be fooled again by "Forward!"

Veterans of Obama's 2008 campaign must long for the good old days when they had huge overflow crowds and people fainting in the audience from the excitement. But that was before Obama's message of hope was exposed for the same old tax and spend liberal baloney that only makes things worse.

On Saturday, May 5 Obama went to Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio to try and recapture the spirit of his 2008 campaign. There were 5,000 empty seats in a hall that was expected to be overflowing with eager young minds ready to be hoodwinked once again. Buzzfeed has the story.

5,000 empty seats at a campaign kickoff for the empty suit President!

P.S. Is it more than a coincidence that Obama's new slogan "Forward" was borrowed from Soviet propaganda or that May 5th, the date of Obama's campaign kickoff is the birthday of Karl Marx?

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