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Friday, May 18, 2012

Obama's Record on Jobs: 34 States with Fewer Jobs Than When He Became President

Only 16 states have seen positive job growth!

When Obama isn't trying to distract the public with his latest GOP war on (fill in the blank) he's making rosy claims about his economic program. Recently he boasted about the "extraordinary progress that we've been able to make," in job creation. Really?

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows just how deep the Obama Depression really is. Investor's Business Daily summarizes it:
Just 16 states have seen job growth since President Obama took office, according to state employment data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The remaining states have lost a combined 1.4 million jobs since January 2009.

Even 34 months after the recession officially ended in June 2009, there are still 11 states that have fewer people working now than at the start of the recovery.

Meanwhile, 20 states have unemployment rates at or above 8%, including nine with unemployment at 9% or higher, according to the BLS.

At the other end of the spectrum, Texas has been the leader in job creation under Obama, with 240,000 more people working there than when he took office. Since the recovery started in June 2009, Texas has added 474,000 jobs, which accounts for one in four of all the jobs created during the recovery.

North Dakota takes the prize for fastest job growth rate, with employment climbing 13% since Obama took office, due largely to the oil boom there.
Texas (run by Republicans) leads the way in job growth. California, saddled with Democrat leadership and Big Labor paralysis is the biggest job loser.

And no surprise that North Dakota has seen an explosion in job growth from the energy sector. This is the kind of growth that could be happening nationwide if Obama would stop blocking energy production on federal lands.

Democrats can spin all they want but the sad fact remains that millions who have lost their jobs during Obama's reign of error have yet to find work. They know the truth even if Obama won't admit it!

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