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John Bolton

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another of Obama's Poster Child Green Energy Firms Go Bankrupt

Pink slips instead of the 1500 jobs promised!

Abound Solar is filing for bankruptcy. Obama touted the firm as #17 on his list of 100 Recovery Projects That Are Changing America. Abound follows Solyndra and a growing list of other green energy firms that took  billions in federal loans and later went bankrupt.

Here's Obama in a July 2010 Weekly Address talking about how the promises for green jobs that are now dashed:

Obama: Abound Solar  will “create more than
2,000 construction  jobs and 1,500 permanent jobs.” NOT!

Meanwhile, their is a potential for explosive job and economic growth in hydrocarbon based fuels and Obama is doing everything he can to block it.

From the way Obama keeps shoveling taxpayer funds down the green energy rat hole you would almost think that he is trying to give payoffs to his green energy friends. Nah! Would he do that?

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