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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

C O V E R U P!

Why is Obama willing to invoke Executive Privilege to protect Attorney General Holder?

From an Administration that promised a new level of accountability and transparency the only thing transparent about the Fast and Furious scandal is that the Obama Administration has something to hide.

The last straw came Wednesday when Obama invoked Executive Privilege to withhold documents that a House investigating committee has been seeking for years to get answers in the Fast and Furious scandal that cost the life of American Border Agent Brian Terry and countless Mexican nationals.

The shifting stories, the retractions, the stonewalling all of it suggests that the scandal is much bigger than what we have already learned.

It's also abundantly clear that Attorney General Holder, whose Department oversaw the gun running program, has misled Congress. Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was forced to resign for far less.

Which raises the question about what exactly is Holder hiding? If this was just a matter of Holder's incompetence, or even possible criminality in lying to Congress isn't it likely that Obama would throw him under the bus quicker than his white grandmother? Is there information contained in these withheld documents that show direct links to the White House in the Fast and Furious operation?

In 2007 then Senator Obama suggested the Bush Administration was attempting to "hide behind Executive Privilege" and he went on to reassert the right of Congress to be informed [video]. The issue at that time was mainly political in nature. In the present case, lives were lost. Don't the American people have the same right to know that Obama defended in 2007? Or is he hiding something that would bring his presidency to a quick end in November?

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