John Bolton

John Bolton

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Feel Good Story

How a rescue cat changed the life of an autistic boy!

Four year old Fraser, who lives in Great Britain, developed autism early in life. Frustration in dealing with the condition often lead to temper tantrums and stress for his family.

But one day, Fraser's parents took Fraser to see Billy the cat. The Daily Mail tells the story:
‘The first time we took Fraser to see Billy, the cat went straight to him,’ Mrs Booth added. ‘Fraser sat down on the floor and Billy laid across him with his paws on his legs and just started purring. Fraser said “This is our cat, he can come live with us,” and that was that.’

‘Billy has made a complete difference to our family life, he’s taken away the stress, he’s added happiness and an air of calm, he’s just been amazing.
Billy follows Fraser around and seems to sense his moods and is always ready to step in with a purr and a cuddle if Fraser seems to be getting upset.


The arrangement is a good one for Billy the cat. He was abandoned by his previous owners and living in a boarded up house when he was rescued.

The rest of the story with more photos is here.

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