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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

HUGE Walker Win in Wisconsin a Preview for November?

THIS is what democracy looks like!

Walker won with more votes than he received when first elected in 2010. More than 7% margin of victory GOP incumbents for other recalls of the Lt. Governor and state senate also won. Full results here.

The effort to restore America took a huge step forward tonight with the huge recall win for Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker (R). An 18 month campaign in which union activists pulled out all the stops failed utterly. Unions bussed in hundreds of activists from out of state during the past year and half and spent tens of millions of dollars. All to protect their power and greed.

Despite Obama's repeated calls for civility in our political discourse the unions resorted to some of the most vile political rhetoric and tactics. They claimed "this is what democracy looks like" as they occupied the state capitol at the same time Democrat state senators fled to Illinois hamstringing legislative business.

Union activists claimed it was all to protect union rights. But in the end, it turned out that what was really at stake was the union monopoly and the greed of Big Labor leaders. When teachers got the right to drop out of the union they did so in droves. That's a lot of mandatory dues no longer going to support union fat cats and Democrat politicians.

Another Walker reform was the elimination of a union monopoly in some school districts for the provision of health care which was offered by unions at higher costs than the free market. That's more big money not going to enrich union leaders who are notoriously overpaid.

The upside for teachers is that they no longer are forced to have dues taken from their paycheck and the districts which save money with Walker's reforms are free to pay teachers more. In one district the base pay for teachers was raised 17%. That beats any union demand. And those teachers will get to keep more of that money rather than hand it over to the union bosses.

Message for November

While exit polls from the recall election still show Obama with a 9% lead in the state that's 5% less than he won in 2008. But note that the exit polls predicted a closer race so that 9% may be closer to 6%.That means that Wisconsin may move from being a likely Obama state to a possible toss up in the months ahead. If ripples from this vote spread to nearby states like Iowa and Minnesota where Obama's margin was less than Wisconsin in 2008 he could be in real trouble.

The vote heard round the country. On to November!

BOO HOO! Whiny Dem Calls Failure "End of democracy"

You'll want to see this video of a Dem in Wisconsin sobbing on election night. Remember that these are the clowns who started the ugly protests and recall vote to overturn the decision of Wisconsin voters in 2010. They spent tens of millions of union dollars and bussed in activists from all over the country. Now that they are beaten they cry that it's unfair. WHO CARES!

2nd Update: Dem Slaps Challenger Barrett

Here's a video of a supporter of the Democrat challenger slapping him for conceding to Walker. These people are UNHINGED!
To them, democracy only exists when their minority viewpoint prevails. They better get used to failure. There is more to come in November!

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