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Sunday, July 29, 2012

If Ann Romney is Rich and Out of Touch What is Michelle Obama?

Michelle wears $7,000 outfit to Buckingham Palace!

Gateway Pundit points out that when Ann Romney wore a $900 top for an interview on a morning television program the press pounced (2). When Michelle Obama shows up at Buckingham Palace wearing a $7,000 outfit the press oohs and aahs about her fashion sense.

A trivial, yet undeniable example of media bias you say? Perhaps. But in a campaign where the so-called people's watchdogs in the "news" media continue to cover up the failing of Obama and concentrate on the trivial when it comes to Mitt Romney the bias goes beyond glaring and approaches corrupt collaboration with the Obama regime.

This is the same media that focused on Ann Romney's hobby of horseback riding and yet sweeps Michele Obama's private use of Air Force 2 under the rug. Do the Occupy Wall Street crowd look the other way at Michelle Obama's display of opulence as they criticize the rich like Romney?

Would it be too much to ask for so-called journalists to ask Obama why his economic polices have failed and why he has no new ideas for his re-election campaign other than to attack Romney and his wife?

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