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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Proving Obama's Point: Colorado Shooter Had $26,000 Federal Grant

One case where Obama's claim that you can't succeed on your own was proved correct!

Obama  might have been on to something when he insulted successful small businesses by saying "if you've been successful you didn't get their on your own." Obama insisted that without government success is not possible.

He may have a point. Here's a report from USA Today:
AURORA, Colo. – University of Colorado officials disclosed Monday that mass shooting suspect James Holmes was being paid $26,000 a year for his studies — money that could have financed the cache of firearms, ammunition and explosive devices found in his apartment.
Doctoral students receive free tuition, and most get federally sponsored 12-month grants of $26,000, about $500 a week. Holmes, who was not employed, bought an assault rifle, shotgun, two semiautomatic handguns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition in the months leading up to what police called a methodically planned shooting spree.
Over the weeks before Holmes left, 90 packages containing ammunition and other items were shipped to the campus. Elliman said there was no way of knowing the volume or content of the shipments, which went directly to Holmes or to a campus mailroom. "We have thousands of packages that come here every day," he said.
CNN has a similar report [video].

Rush Limbaugh had an interesting addition to this story when he pointed out that the owner of the Gun Club rejected Holme's membership but the Federal government made it possible for the shooter to purchase his weapons. Yet the left wants to blame gun owners for the crime.

The message is clear: if you want to succeed as a mass murderer, make sure to get a government grant to pay for your killing spree!


janet wrobleski-belrose said...

I love u!!! Sorry, but you're blog caught my eye; I was looking for a concise & clear acct of the whole 'grant' issue- & I found it here. You see, Just a few days ago, I decided to start posting political stuff on my fb page. I DO have a few liberal friends- & they've all been ok- but, this "liberal bully" guy(I'm sure u know what i mean)immediately started on me- calling me names, sending me emails, posting cartoons on my page, etc. This is the perfect article(u even quoted great sources) for me to repost! Hope I can do this. Thx. Please keep up the great columns; it makes me feel that there's hope for Novembers' election to get that arrogant dictator OUT! You hear from all kinds of people, do u think there's a chance MR will win? just asking!

Todd Kennedy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Todd Kennedy said... says that The President has an 80.3% chance of winning re-election.

More projections here:

and here

Always On Watch said...

I just read that now Holmes is proclaiming amnesia.

I don't believe that at all.

In fact, I think that he's faking mental illness. He would know all the symptoms, you know. He has studied neuroscience.

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