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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Emails Show Obama Administration Terminated Pensions for 20,000 Non Union Auto Workers

Obama claimed to save the auto industry. But all he did was pay off his union buddies at the expense of Middle Class workers!

Obama won't talk about his record of failure in job creation or the worst economic recovery since World War II. But he does claim, after killing Bin Laden (Bush had nothing to do with it right?) that he saved the Auto Industry. That's a hard claim to make with General Motors (or Government Motors) reporting a 41% drop in profit for the 2nd quarter, but still Obama persists. The Obama bailout of GM destroyed the property rights of bondholders and creditors but upheld and protected every dime of union benefits.

At the time the Obama Administration claimed that non-union pensions which were terminated under the scheme which gave Big Labor billions in payoffs had nothing to do with them. Now, release of internal government emails show that the Obama Administration was behind the termination of pension benefits to 20,000 workers. How many of those who lost their life's savings are now destitute and suffering?

And we have yet to scratch the surface of the auto dealerships across the country which were closed by the Obama Administration putting dealers, mechanics and salesmen out of work. Here's a brief ad from the Romney campaign which tells a part of that story:

Let's not forget also the NASA aerospace workers put out of work when Obama canceled the replacement rocket for the Space Shuttle giving the job of putting Americans into orbit to the Russians instead. Then there's the mountain of paperwork and new regulations which hamper small business and deter job creation.

Obama has done his best to stifle job creation while paying off his Big Labor bosses. It's almost as if he planned to destroy the Middle Class!

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