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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Romney/Ryan Ticket a Gamechanger for November Election?

A bold conservative choice that signals Romney is serious about reversing the Obama decline not simply managing it!

UPDATE: Conservatives voice their approval of Ryan with whopping $3.5 million in new campaign contributions.

Meet America's Comeback Team:

RYAN:"We won't duck the tough issues we will lead!"

Watch full video of the announcement

Any idea that Mitt Romney would play it safe by picking another old white man for his running mate went out the window with his selection of the young 7 term Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate.

Romney's choice also signaled that he wants a campaign of ideas in contrast to the Obama campaign's negative attacks. And the ideas that Romney wants to advance are the conservative cornerstones which typify Paul Ryan's work in the House Budget Committee to restore America's economic health. By choosing Ryan, Romney signals conservatives and the country that he does not want to be elected president to simply manage the decline better but to reverse course and rebuild our prosperity.

Paul Ryan is an unquestioned man of ideas. His "Roadmap for America's Future" is a clear contrast with the absence of ideas coming from the other side. It was Paul Ryan, chairing a House Budget Committee hearing [video] who got Obama's Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to admit: "We don't have a definitive solution... We just don't like yours."

Obama and the Democrats, who haven't passed a budget in the U.S. Senate in 1200 days have no plan. All they propose are massive tax increases and more spending and more debt that takes us further down the road to ruin.

Romney and Ryan now offer Americans a stark choice: new ideas or more of the same!

Meet the Ryans!

The photo above is a few years old but shows a happy family at home in Janesville, Wisconsin. From top left to right: Rep. Paul Ryan, wife Janna (Little) Ryan, Charles Wilson, Elizabeth (Liza) Anne and Samuel Lowery.

Paul Ryan, 42, is a pro-life Catholic and a solid conservative with a lifetime rating of 91% from the American Conservative Union. Named Conservative of the Year in 2011 by Human Events. He also hunts deer with a bow.
He's not a partisan bomb thrower like Vice President Biden but a man of ideas. Those same ideas famously schooled Obama in the White House Health Care Summit [video] in which he informed the President that hiding spending in the health care bill won't reduce overall spending. He was right as later cost projections from the Congressional Budget Office showed. Ryan's Path to Prosperity video proved he can explain complex issues like budgets and debt and make them relateable to the general public.

When the anticipated attacks come Ryan will be able to respond forcefully with ideas. And he will run rings around Joe Biden in a debate.

Ryan has shown he can win in areas that once supported Obama. In 2010 he won re-election in his district by 64%. The same district voted for Obama by 54% in 2008. He will certainly help the campaign in Great Lakes and Upper Midwest states like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and perhaps even Ohio.

Ryan will bring conservatives and tea party voters home to the Republican Party and the Romney/Ryan ticket. How high the bounce in the polls will be and how long it lasts are unclear. But one thing is certain: Ryan is the choice for a better future for America. The recovery starts now!

Happy with Ryan as the V.P. pick? Make your donation now to Romney/Ryan!

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