John Bolton

John Bolton

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Obama's REAL $700 Billion Cut to Medicare

Funny how a REAL CUT is described by Democrats as "savings!"

You know the drill by now. When Republicans propose slowing the increase of spending for a federal program it's called a cut. Never mind that the spending just continues to go up and up it's never enough.

Democrats are currently trying to demonize Romney's running mate Paul Ryan by claiming his plan would cut Medicare. See the video of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz repeating the same worn out lie over and over again like a pull string doll. Despite the best efforts of CNN's Wolf Blitzer to educate here all she can do is repeat her dishonest talking point. It's clear that what Democrats like Debbie don't want to talk about is that ObamaCare, already signed into law by Obama DOES cut Medicare by over $700 billion.

Obama admitted it in November 2009 in this interview with ABC's Jake Tapper:

TAPPER: One of the concerns about health care and how you pay for it: One third of the funding comes from cuts to Medicare.

OBAMA: Right.

TAPPER: A lot of times, as you know, what happens in Congress is somebody will do something bold; and then Congress, close to election season, will undo it.

OBAMA: Right.

TAPPER: You saw it with the doc fix.

OBAMA: Right.

TAPPER: Are you willing to pledge that whatever cuts in Medicare are being made to fund health insurance, one third of it, that you will veto anything that tries to undo that?

OBAMA: Yes! I actually have said that it is important for us to make sure this thing is deficit neutral, without tricks. I said I wouldn't sign a bill that didn't meet that criteria.
And of course the latest CBO projections show ObamaCare costing nearly TWICE what it was originally estimated. Deficit neutral? Sure!

In a letter [PDF] dated July 24, 2012 Congressional Budget Office head Douglas Elmendorf informs Speaker Boehner of the U.S. House of Representatives that a repeal of ObamaCare would restore over $700 billion cut from the program by ObamaCare.

And let's not forget that seven years ago then Senator Obama attacked President Bush for failing to do anything about Medicare which he claimed then was "breaking down rapidly." [video] Like so much else, when he became President Obama only ended up making the situation worse.

So now you have the information to debunk the phony claims that somehow Paul Ryan would gut Medicare. Obama's already done it. But before we can have an HONEST discussion about entitlement reform Democrats will have to acknowledge the past. Until then, throw the truth back in their face!

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