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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Recent Tea Party Victories Show GOP the Party That Advances Minority Elected Officials

Tea Party darling Hispanic Ted Cruz victory in Texas over white David Dewhurst is latest in string of wins for non-whites in GOP!

You know the attack line by now: the GOP is a bunch of racists. What those who push this lie mean is that anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist. Even if your black.

The popularity of Herman Cain among Tea Party Republicans was one sign that the Democrats racist attack was false. But even more to the point, the number of recently elected non-white Republicans underscores the point.

Here's an excerpt from the Washington Post story:
Ted Cruz and the GOP’s changing face

Ted Cruz’s come-from-behind victory in the Texas GOP Senate runoff on Tuesday — and the near-certainty that he will cruise to a general election win in November — ensures he will immediately join a rapidly growing group of rising national Republican stars that have one big thing in common: None of them are white.

Cruz, a Cuban-American, joins Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Govs. Bobby Jindal (La.), Susana Martinez (N.M.), Nikki Haley (S.C.) and Brian Sandoval (Nev.), as well as South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott as non-white Republicans — Cruz, Rubio, Sandoval and Martinez are Hispanic, Jindal and Haley are Indian-American, and Scott is black — that are nearly certain to run for national office, serve on a national ticket or be mentioned for a national ticket at some point in the not-too-distant future. And, with the exception of Jindal, all of them have been elected since 2010.

So, the party that is supposed to be a bunch of racists has elected one of the brightest slates of new elected officials who also happen to be non-white! They are also mostly conservative Tea Party favorites.

Cruz Cruised to Victory Despite Opponent Spending Advantage

David Dewhurst, the establishment, white GOP candidate, outspent Cruz by nearly 3 to 1 yet Cruz came from being 11 points behind in the initial primary to winning by 13 points in the runoff. That huge swing is an astounding testament to the power of the Tea Party to turn out the votes.

Cruz's victory is another harbinger for the 2012 presidential campaign. It shows that the Tea Party can turn out the vote that will be key to winning in 2012. Stories written by left wing journalists declaring the Tea Party dead was just wishful thinking!

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