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Friday, September 14, 2012

As Embassy in Tunisia Burns Flashback: Obama Promises His Inauguration Will Help Us Reach Out to the Muslim World and "make us safer!"

Of course he also promised he would fix the economy and that's WORSE too!

In an interview [audio] from November 2007 then Senator Obama said:
OBAMA: “I truly believe that the day I’m inaugurated . . . not only does the country look at itself differently, but the world looks at America differently. . . . If am reaching out to the Muslim world they will understand that I've lived in a Muslim country....I'm intimately concerned with what happens in this countries and the cultures and perspectives these folks have. Those are powerful tools for us to be able to reach out to the world.... The world will have confidence that I am listening to them, and that our future and our security is tied up with our ability to work with other countries in the world.... That will ultimately make us safer.”

The Black Flag of Radical Islam Raised Over Burning U.S. Embassy in Tunisia

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U.S. Embassy in Tunisia Burns


Scope of worldwide attacks

Meanwhile, White House Spokesman Jay Carney insists that "this is not a case of protests directed at the United States." Oh no... it's just people shouting "death to America" and "Obama, Obama we are all Osama." In Tunisia, the same chant was heard in MAY. Long before this silly film that no one has seen came to public attention.

For that matter, which video caused 9/11?

We are witnessing the total meltdown of Obama's foreign policy. A policy based on a foolish left wing ideology that views the United States as the problem and refuses to stand up and use the levers of American power to help a world beset by the scourge of Islamic radicalism.

How many more people will die before this Administration understands the nature of the threat?

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