John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lies and Coverup of Obama's Benghazi-Gate

The Obama Administration knew almost immediately that this was a planned terrorist attack yet persists in lying about it!

Here's an outline of the latest news on the attack against our Consulate in Benghazi on September 11th with left our Ambassador and three other Americans, including two Navy Seals, dead:
  • Intercepts showed AQ terrorists celebrating success hours after Benghazi attack.
  • Yahoo News: White House treated Benghazi as a terrorist attack on “Day One.”
  • Obama Administration deleted State Dept. online security briefing saying that there were no credible threats from Al Queda against diplomatic personnel on September 11th.
  • On Thursday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta joined the chorus of other Administration officials in describing this as a planned terrorist attack.
Yet the Administration sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice out on five Sunday shows following the attack insisting that this was a "spontaneous" attack that resulted from a protest of the film. Never mind that there is no evidence of any protest prior to the attack.

More questions continue to be raised about the Administration's handling of this attack and lack of preparation on September 11th. Yet when these matters are raised those asking questions are fobbed off with the excuse that an investigation is underway.

But an investigation is NOT underway. The FBI team sent to Libya is stuck in the capital of Tripoli. CNN reports that the site of the Benghazi attack is unsecured with doubt that the scene will provide much in the way of evidence leading to the attackers.

The Obama Administration and campaign have accused Republicans who ask critical questions of playing politics. Yet this merely highlights the Administrations own  efforts to bolster Obama's failed tough guy image by avoiding accountability for this attack and hiding behind an non-existent investigation. Meanwhile, Obama continues to campaign with the refrain "al Qaeda is on the path to defeat, bin Laden is dead. "

In the wake of the original September 11, 2001 attacks there was a constant drumbeat in the media demanding answers. "Connect the dots" was a common phrase. In the wake of this attack the media seemed more interested in attacking Mitt Romney than they did in demanding answers from the Obama Administration. Even weeks after the event much of the media demonstrates a curious lack of interest.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that the incompetence and lack of leadership which is the hallmark of Obama's failed economic policy is also the key factor in this failure of Obama's foreign policy and national security. Obama's continued spiking of the football over killing bin Laden cannot coverup these facts. It only makes matters worse!

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