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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mia Love, Piss Mohammed and 55% of Small Business Owners Blame Obama

Quick takes on three important stories...

  • Mia Love Gets Racist Mail

You remember Mia Love? The Mayor of Saratoga Springs Utah who is running for Congress and made a real splash addressing the GOP Convention. She's in a strong bid to become the first black Republican woman to win a seat in Congress.

So, naturally Democrat racists want to take her down. She received a vile, racist package in the mail this week. It's not the first time. Pretty obvious it wasn't sent by a Republican. It fits a long line of racist attacks on Republicans from Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Condi Rice, Herman Cain and others.

Seems the old Ku Klux Klan is  alive and well in it's birthplace in the Democrat Party!

  • 55% Small Business Owners Blame Obama for Bad Business Climate. And they would not start a business today.

  • Piss Mohammed
Writing at National Review Mario Loyola makes note of Obama's speech to the U.N. where he bent over backwards to apologize to Muslims for the video that he claims is the sole cause of violence throughout the Muslim world. But just blocks from where Obama was speaking a work of "art" subsidized with U.S. taxpayer dollars showing a crucifix in urine is on display. Loyola suggests that a similar piece featuring Mohammed be hung along side. And when the predictable reaction occurs point out:
Every last person who complains will have to explain why they said nothing during the 20-plus years that the revolting Piss Christ has been touring art galleries around the world. They will be forced either to treat Islam and Christianity the same (i.e., stop trashing the latter) or finally admit the cowardly truth, which is that their degree of respect for any given religion is proportional to its proponents’s propensity for violence.


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