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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Calls Anti-U.S. Protests and Death of Ambassador "Bumps in the Road"

Imagine the media firestorm that would erupt if Romney said something so outrageous!

It happened the day after the attacks on our embassy in Libya and the protests in Egypt. An interview by Steve Kroft of CBS's 60 Minutes:
Kroft: Have the events that took place in the Middle East, the recent events in the Middle East given you any pause about your support for the governments that have come to power following the Arab Spring?
Obama: Well, I'd said even at the time that this is going to be a rocky path. The question presumes that somehow we could have stopped this wave of change. I think it was absolutely the right thing for us to do to align ourselves with democracy, universal rights, a notion that people have to be able to participate in their own governance. But I was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road because, you know, in a lot of these places, the one organizing principle has been Islam. The one part of society that hasn't been controlled completely by the government.
Some Bump. Some Road

Americans killed in "bumps in the road" in Libya
Meanwhile the Administration continues to pursue the excuse that all this is due to a silly film. Obama repeated that line again in his speech to the United Nations. Yet, as I have pointed out repeatedly, radical Muslims were rioting in the Middle East in May, chanting "Obama we are all Osama," [video] long before this film was available on You Tube.

The Diary of Ambassador Stevens, found in the wreckage of our Consulate in Benghazi by a CNN reporter (were classified documents, including contacts in Libya also left to be discovered by radicals?) revealed that the Ambassador worried about his security and threats made against his life. Any question to the Obama Administration on this score meets a sharp rebuff. A spokesperson for Hillary Clinton went ballistic, using the "F" word when one reporter pressed the point.

Day by day we continue to see incompetence on display in the Obama Administration. And worse than incompetence is the appearance of indifference to the consequences and evasion from the truth that our foreign policy is NOT in better shape now than it was four years ago. The "news" media had a field day when an irate Iraqi threw a shoe at George W. Bush. Much of the Muslim world is throwing the shoe store at Obama and yet the media seems unwilling to demand answers for a failed policy!

A new ad spells out the critical missing component in Obama's foreign policy: LEADERSHIP!

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