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John Bolton

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photos: Islamic Flag Over U.S. Embassy

The same as if it was on U.S. soil!

Is this starting to feel like 1979 again?

More content for the story is in the posts below. Please read on. These new images clearly show the Islamic Flag which means the domination of Islam over all beliefs flying over the American Embassy in Cairo. The embassy is regarded as sovereign U.S. territory. The fact that this occurred on September 11th could just as well mean the Islamic victory over the U.S. Thanks Obama!


Here's the U.S. flag being torn to shreds by the mob:


Meanwhile, the Egyptians are demanding that WE apologize to them! And Obama, who is famous for apologizing when none is required, is set to host the President of Egypt, himself a radical Muslim at a White House State Visit!

What's wrong with this picture?

Obama is the disease. Romney is the cure!

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