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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Blowing the Cover on the Obama-Libya Cover Up

Obama Administration REDUCED security in Libya despite multiple requests from those on the ground, including Ambassador Stevens!

The cover up is done. There was no protest against that silly film that led to the attacks that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. It was a terrorist attack from the get go. And worse than the Obama Administration lying about the cause, was their neglect of multiple warnings and their insistence that security actually be reduced prior to the attacks.

Lt. Col. Andrew Wood was one of the men in charge of security for U.S. diplomats in Libya. His story will be told in hearings on Capitol Hill, but in this interview with Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News we get a preview:

ATTKISSON: When you found out the last two teams were being pulled from Libya, what was your feeling about that?  
WOOD: I felt like we were being asked to play the piano with two fingers. There was concern amongst the entire embassy staff. I had people coming asking me that as well.  
ATTKISSON: What were they saying?   
WOOD: I didn't feel good about it. They asked if we were safe. They asked if - what was going to happen, and I could only answer that what we were being told was they're working on it. They'll get us more, but I never saw that.  
ATTKISSON: Ambassador Stevens wanted continued or enhanced security?  
WOOD: Yes.  
ATTKISSON: The Regional Security Officer wanted enhanced or continued security?  
WOOD: Yes.  
ATTKISSON: You wanted enhanced or continued security?  
WOOD: Yes.  
ATTKISSON: Was a consensus on the ground?  
WOOD: For enhanced or continued security that we had known, that we had come to live with and work with there, for the environment we had. We felt we needed more, not less. 
ATTKISSON: So all the experts on the ground are telling headquarters at the State Department, we need this and the answer kept coming back as?  
WOOD: “You've got to do with less.” For what reasons, I don't know.
Imagine for a moment if a Republican were in the White House and something like this had happened. The media drumbeat demanding answers would be unrelenting. But since it's Obama, mostly this gets a yawn. It will be up to Romney to elevate this matter on the national stage so the American people can decide whether to hold the Obama Adminstratin accountable for their incompetence. Time is short!

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