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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Foiled Al Queda Bombing in New York Proves Obama Wrong that "Al Queda is on it's heels"

Can it be that Obama's use of bin Laden's death in campaign appearances is inspiring MORE terrorist activity?

In multiple campaign appearances President Obama has chortled some variation of "bin Laden is dead and Al Queda is on it's heels." This continued even after the attack in Libya left our Ambassador and three other Americans dead. The rhetoric changed on Wednesday following the presidential debate where Obama made misleading claims about the Benghazi incident as an act of terror (see below). However, even on Wednesday Obama dragged bin Laden's body into his speeches but dropped the reference to Al Queda.

We also learned Wednesday of a foiled plot by a young man from Bangladesh who admitted he was an admirer of Osama bin Laden and came here to establish an al Queda terrorist cell and "wage jihad" with a truck bomb in New York City.
During a July 5 phone call to an FBI informant, Nafis said he came here to wage "jihad," according to the criminal complaint. He told the informant he admired "Sheik 'O'" and read a magazine he referred to as "I," apparently referring to Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaeda magazine Inspire. He also said he was in contact with another person in the United States and a "brother" in Bangladesh. In subsequent recorded calls during the next 10 days, some of them with an undercover FBI agent, Nafis said he "had contacts with al-Qaeda members overseas who could assist the group," according to the criminal complaint. In late July, Nafis met another undercover agent in Central Park and said he "wished to launch a terrorist attack against the United States."
So, as we have seen in the attack in Libya and the foiled plot in New York not only is Al Queda alive and well but the question should be asked whether Obama's repeated use of bin Laden's death as a campaign slogan might actually be putting American lives in danger!

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