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Friday, October 05, 2012

Phony Jobs Report Won't Mask Failure of Obama's Economic Policy

Millions of Americans who are out of work won't be fooled by fudging the numbers!

Who didn't expect some kind of statistical trickery from Obama in the weeks before the election? But this PHONY jobs report does not pass the smell test.

Let's put this in graphic form. The chart shows unemployment during the Obama yeas and compares it to unemployment and duration to every other recession since World War II. It's the WORST economic recovery in the modern era.


Our next chart is taken from Obama's own economic plan which he unveiled shortly before taking office in 2009. Note that unemployment, even after Obama's massive Stimulus bill, remains higher than his original estimates without it. 


Finally, under Obama the number of Americans participating in the workforce has dropped dramatically. This is the stat which shows how many millions have given up and enables the Obama regime to claim a lower unemployment rate because these folks are no longer counted.


Americans who want a REAL recovery have only one choice: VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN!

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