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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Post Debate Fallout Continues to Favor Romney HEAVILY!

But beware Obama's October surprise!

I have to admit that I was surprised at the near universal acclamation of Romney's debate performance and the dismal critique of Obama. I hope it's not just a set up for the next time when the media, frightened by the prospect that Obama could lose, closes ranks and defends him no matter what.

What really seems to have struck home with many viewers of the debate is Obama's attitude and demeanor which is demonstrated in the following video which shows him smirking and avoiding eye contact with Romney while Mitt takes it to Obama. Perhaps it's because Obama is so unused to anyone being critical of him, even in the nice way that Romney did, that he was off his feet. Another comment I heard is that it looked like Obama had been called to the Principal's office. You view and decide:

ROMNEY: "A trickle down government not working"

Charles Hurt said that Obama's debate performance made Jimmy Carter look good and went on to say: "Who knew anyone on the planet could make Mitt Romney look easy, relaxed, smooth and human?

More than 67 million people watched this debate on television. That's more than watched both of the political conventions a month before. Universal acclaim for Romney's performance means that the millions by which Obama has overspent Romney in negative ads in key states has been largely neutered.

Post Debate Polls Show Big Gain for Romney

Two snap polls taken immediately after the debate spell bad news for Obama. From the Daily Caller:

A quick CNN poll of apparently uncommitted registered voters who watched the debate gave former Massachusetts Gov. Romney a crushing victory over President Barack Obama in the debate.

Sixty-seven percent of the voters polled by CNN gave the victory to Romney, while only 25 percent said Obama won.

A CBS poll of 500 self-described uncommitted voters showed that 46 percent said Romney won, while only 22 percent said the president won. Thirty-two percent said it was a tie.

Other results in both polls favored Romney.

Fifty-six percent of CBS’ panel said they viewed Romney in a better light, while 32 percent said the debate did not change their opinions. Eleven percent said the debate made Romney look worse.

The CBS panel said they liked both candidates — which allowed Romney to close the potentially important likability gap.

“The percentage of those polled who said they felt the former Massachusetts governor cares about their needs and problems spiked from 30 percent pre-debate to 63 percent post-debate,” read the CBS report.

“President Obama also enjoyed a bump in that category, with 53 percent of voters saying they believed he cares about their issues before the debate, moving to 69 percent after the debate,” according to CBS.

Romney also won CNN’s poll.

When asked who would better handle the economy, 55 percent of the respondents said Romney won. Only 43 percent said Obama won.

Romney even edged Obama on likability, 46 percent to 45 percent.

Most importantly, 35 percent of the respondents said they were more likely to vote for Romney, while only 18 percent said they were more likely to vote for Obama.

“For any candidate to get above 50-something, it is just huge,” said CNN national correspondent John King. “You have a lot of president’s supporters saying he got spanked tonight.”
With the enthusiasm gap already favoring Romney by a huge margin, Wednesday's debate puts the wind at Romney's back with all important momentum as we go into the final weeks.

A cautionary note: All that could change if Obama's allies in the "news" media decide to report in unison that he recovers in the next debate or that an October Surprise like a strike in Libya changes the national conversation in a way that benefits Obama.

But for now Obama is on defense at just the same moment that polls had been tightening anyway. Unless he is able to change the dynamic of the race, he will most likely LOSE a month from now.

Obama's campaign would have been better off with an empty chair behind that podium on Wednesday!

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