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Monday, October 29, 2012

Question for Obama: Campaign or Govern in Advance of Hurricane Sandy?

Campaigning is all he has been doing for four years!

Here's the Reuters headline that says it all:

Hurricane forces Obama to balance governing, campaigning

This is remarkable because the same news media has largely ignored Obama's indifference to governing, even in times of crisis. Did the media ding Obama for taking off for Las Vegas to hold a fundraiser the day after our Ambassador in Libya and three other American heroes were killed? Nope.. they jumped all over Mitt Romney claiming he politicized the tragedy.

Obama has done little but campaign and raise money since he took office. He's held more fundraisers than meetings with his intelligence staff since the campaign began. Overall, more fundraisers than all five previous presidents combined.

In the recent past tornadoes have devastated towns like Joplin, Missouri and Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Obama's reponse has been indifferent at best. But this is an election year and remembering Rahm Emanuel's adage that you "let no crisis go to waste" it's no surprise that with an election a week away he suddenly is seen to take an active interest as a storm approaches.

Hurricane Sandy may be Obama's October Surprise. Not only does it give Obama the opportunity to play at Commander in Chief in times of crisis but news of the storm will drive campaign coverage off the front page and newscasts making it harder for Romney to get his message out in this critical week!

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