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Friday, October 05, 2012

Silly College Students Thought it Was Unfair Obama Not Allowed a Teleprompter for Debate

On a related note, it seems Clint Eastwood's inspiration of the empty chair catches on!

The Dems laughed at Clint Eastwood's portrayal of Obama as the empty chair. But after the first debate, even the New Yorker magazine found it to be the perfect metaphor for the empty suit President. Here's the New Yorker's latest cover:

Give Obama His Teleprompter!
Meanwhile, demonstrating just how poorly informed Obama supporters are, a group of college students from the University of Wisconsin were interviewed after a pro-Obama rally and thought it was "unfair" that Obama was denied the use of his teleprompter during the debate. Obviously, this bunch of students, brainwashed by liberal professors, doesn't even know that a teleprompter has no place in a debate where voters are seeking the true measure of the man. But since many of them only became politically aware during the Obama years where a teleprompter has substituted for original thought on behalf of the President they can hardly be blamed.

Meanwhile, for those concerned that Obama did poorly due to the elevation in Denver, the Mile High City (forget that he gave his acceptance speech in Denver in 2008, he had his teleprompter) their concern for Biden's performance next week will be lessened by the fact that Danville, Kentucky is under 1,000 feet.

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