John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petraeus Scandal: Obama's Get Out of Libya Free Card. Convenient and NO Coincidence

We know more about who said what in the Petraeus sex scandal than we do about the attack that killed our Ambassador and three Americans in Libya!

What's more important? A sex scandal involving a senior military figure or a foreign policy mess that was so bad that four Americans are dead as a result? It appears that to left wing journalists (are there any other kind?) the Petraeus sex scandal is a bigger threat to national security.

Senator John McCain held a press conference Wednesday in which he and other senators called for a special committee to investigate the mess in Libya. A reporter asked McCain if he didn't think that Petraeus sex scandal was more important than getting to the bottom of what happened in Libya. McCain responded: "that’s one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard."

PhotobucketBut this kind of willful blindness is typical of a "news" media that refuses to see the incompetence and indifference of the Obama Administration in the Libya story even as it is glaringly obvious to Americans who have been paying attention (granted, a woefully small number).

The Petraeus scandal comes made to order for a corrupt and incompetent Commander in Chief who finds it all too easy to deflect the few questions asked about Libya with this shiny new toy for the media to play with.

A perfect example of that came in Wednesday's press conference with Obama. More mentions of the Petraeus scandal than the attack in Libya. Not that it would matter. Obama avoided answering any of the very few serious questions with his usual campaign canned phrases.

The question arises whether the Petraeus scandal, and particularly the timing of it were not deliberate in a Chicago style brass knuckles attempt to silence or discredit General Petraeus. This wouldn't be the first time this bunch of Chicago thugs has used such tactics.

The corruption surrounding this Administration is as overwhelming as it was in the Watergate scandal in which no one died. The only difference is that during Watergate, the President was a Republican and the "news" media made it their mission to get the truth out. Not so with this affirmative action media protecting Obama!


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