John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The First Priority for Democrats in New Senate: Clamp Down on Minority Opposition

And they say Republicans would lead us to a one party fascist state?

What is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (DEMOCRAT-NV)'s fist priority in the new U.S. Senate? Make it harder for the minority to filibuster. That priority is placed above jobs bills or even a budget (the Senate hasn't passed one for more than three years).

Reid doesn't care if he overturns decades of Senate tradition. He just wants the Senate to be a partisan rubberstamp of Obama's failed policies.

Imagine for a moment if a Republican Senate majority tried to pull the same routine. Every major news organization would put critical stories denouncing the move up front. You can even expect that should the GOP retake the Senate there will be calls for the new majority to demonstrate their willingness to be fair and restore the old rules.

But since this is the Obama thugocracy, don't expect to hear much criticism of Senate Democrats.

Welcome to fascism Democrat-style!

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