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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Briefs

As you clear away the Christmas cheer, here are a few thoughts to carry with you...

 For our British and Commonwealth friends Boxing Day is an after Christmas event. Unlike more recent inventions like Kwanza (I may start a Mike's America day) Boxing Day has a long history.
While we don't celebrate it in the U.S. I will mark the holiday with an offering of a couple of news items that have caught my attention during the holiday season.

*Gun Control agenda sidelines mental health discussion.

A Christmas editorial in the Wall Street Journal bemoans the fact that the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut has degenerated into the usual left wing namecalling and demands for gun control. None of which would stop the next shooter. Lost in the debate is the discussion of mental illness which is the common thread in nearly all of these horrific crimes. Dr. Torrey and Ms. Fuller of the Treatment Advocacy Center write a companion piece in the  Journal describing the problem. The Treatment Advocacy Center also keeps a database of preventable tragedies. How many more lives will be lost because a left wing political agenda which seeks to curtail the rights of lawful gun owners sucks all the political oxygen out of the room?

*Deport Piers Morgan!

Speaking of left wing name callers... CNN's Piers Morgan, who attacks and insults lawful gun owners and admits to being "gleeful" that the Newton tragedy helped him advance his anti-gun cause is upset that nearly 75,000 people have signed a petition at the White House web site demanding Morgan, a British national, be deported for his attacks on the 2nd Amendment. Funny how Morgan hides behind the 1st Amendment to protect his right to speak out yet seeks to deny others the protection of the 2nd.

By the way, a counter petition is circulating in Britain to ban his return: "We got rid of him once and why should we have to suffer again."

*Playing the Race Card while defending white man Piers Morgan

When confronted with ANY criticism, the immediate fall back position from the left is to scream "RACISM" as loud as you can. No difference in the Piers Morgan flap despite the fact that Morgan is white. Author Joyce Carol Oakes takes this absurd screed to a new low in a Tweet comparing the petition to deport Morgan to "the blood-bonding ...of Southern lynch mobs, crucified Negroes."

*Petition: "Gun Free Zone" for Obama?

While the White House petition to deport Piers Morgan has already passed the threshold of 25,000 votes required for action (don't expect any action to be taken unless those signatures are from Obama campaign contributors) a new petition has just gotten started. The kicker? " If Gun Free Zones are sufficient protection for our children, then Gun Free Zones should be good enough for politicians." But don't worry. Libs will make sure they have armed protection even if the rest of us do not.

*Egypt "definitely worse than under the old regime"

Illegal detentions, beatings, a breakdown in the judicial system are the first bitter taste of the what is in store for Egyptians who do not share the Muslim Brotherhood's zeal for imposing Shariah Law on the country. A Christian critical of the Brotherhood? You go to jail for insulting Islam. Richard Spencer, writing from Cairo for the Daily Telegraph has the story. Have a grudge against a neighbor? Accuse him, or her, of insulting Islam and off to jail with mandatory beatings! Things are likely to get much worse!

*Careful what you order!

After the big Christmas dinner you might consider giving the cook a night off. Why not visit a nice restaurant for your Boxing Day feast? Just be careful what you order.

The Daily Mail examines menus in restaurants in Asia which have been translated, badly, into English. Examples like "Nausea sauce pork," or "Half grilled chicken & herpes" might not be what you had in mind. My favorite is Tomato and egg noddles with "smell of urine."

As Julia Child would say "bon appétit!"

UPDATE: Strict gun laws don't prevent gun crime

A great article in Thursday's Wall Street Journal examines the experience in Australia and Britain where gun control laws are much more strict than in the U.S. Not surprisingly, the author found that taking away the guns from law abiding citizens made them more vulnerable to criminals who were not constrained by the law. The image of a mass shooting going on in one English village for EIGHT HOURS because no one, not even law enforcement, had the means to stop it!

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