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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Republicans in Michigan Legislature Vote to Free Workers from Union Slavery

And once again, violence from Democrat Union thugs is the predictable response!

White House refuses to  condemn the violence?

On Tuesday, the Republican controlled legislature in Michigan passed a Right to Work law that reflected the result of a referendum vote in November. The legislation, signed into law on Wednesday by Governor Snyder (R) allows workers the freedom to work at a job without being forced to join a union. Hitherto, if you wanted a job in a company with collective bargaining you had to join the union and pay dues. Your wages were confiscated by the union for purposes beyond your control. In short, you were a slave to the union and your labor was not voluntary.

It's a great arrangement for unions. It gives them a steady supply of funds that goes to fund the lavish lifestyles of union bosses who make big six figure salaries. It's also a great arrangement for Democrats who rely on millions in forced contributions. In return, Democrats use taxpayer funds to support the unions and the cycle repeats. It's no wonder we have a runaway spending problem.

Naturally, any change in that corrupt arrangement is a threat to Democrats and union bosses. So, the result in Michigan was predictable. Supporters of the Right to Work law were beset by union thugs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Their goal, to intimidate those who support the law and silence opponents. Violence is their tool.

Tuesday, Union goons knocked down a tent that was sheltering the law's supporters from the cold fall weather injuring some inside. They then proceeded to vandalize the tent by cutting pieces of it for "souvenirs." The fascists also destroyed a hot dog stand operated by a black man. Racists?

But the worst came when Steven Crowder, a journalist with PJ Media asked the fascist goons why they were behaving that way. For his trouble, he was physically assaulted. There are multiple videos of the violent scene. Here's a screen capture of one thug throwing a wild punch at Crowder who is attempting to shield himself:


You never saw any kind of violence like this at a Tea Party event. Unless it was fascist union goons showing up to beat another black man at the scene.

When Rush Limbaugh called birth control activist Sandra Fluke a bad word Obama took to the microphones to condemn Rush and called Fluke to offer his support.  When union thugs went wild destroying property and assaulting supporters of Michigan's right to work law, Obama is silent. Democrats played up the Fluke episode into their War on Women campaign theme. Do we now have evidence of a clear war on democracy from Obama's fascist labor thugs?

Welcome to Obama's America where fascist union goons are free to assault you and deny your freedom of speech and right to participate in the democratic process free of intimidation. It's no wonder gun sales spiked following Obama's re-election!


Anonymous said...

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Always On Watch said...

Harry Belafonte gives voice to what Obama needs to do. Surreal. See the second video at the above link.

Fabian the Rocket Scientist said...

Bottom-line...the Messiah is not going to fix this...Conservatives will have to fix this if they can...there is not anyone in Washington that has a clue or the brains to do anything for the people...It's not on Obammy's priority list to do anything that will help America, he's now out of control. It's far more important to play golf, go on TV shows like ..Colbert, Letterman, Leno etc impress the dumb-downed viewers...Just look at the electorate, the Obama phone hand-out crowd who put this creep back in the office after all of his screw-up in the past 4 years. The results of November 6. That tells you everything you need to know about the American education. Anybody can be infantile and liberal - and it takes no work at all - just being lazy and never growing up. The problem is ... the uneducated and undereducated have no way to understand this reasoning. You can't convince a stone wall. The the Main Stream Media is running this country instead of the American people. And you Idiot Liberals, Progressives, or whatever the hell you call yourselves these days have really stuck it to us this time . . . you freaking idiots.

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beakerkin said...

Actually, this topic is ironic in that last night I tried to run for Union Office. I tried to run as an independent but found my name linked to a dissident faction.

I was very clear that I support the current leadership.

I withdrew and this was not enough.

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