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Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Mass Shooting You Did NOT Hear About

One day after the Newton massacre, a gunman in Texas was stopped by an armed guard at a San Antonio, Texas movie theater.

Thanks to Always on Watch for this story.

Another tragedy was averted in Texas but you probably didn't hear about it. Instead of news images of bloody survivors or funerals the outcome was an injured shooter who is now in custody.

Armed guards are not the only answer to preventing such tragedies. But they certainly are part of the solution. Better mental health policies is another. Gun control would not have stopped ANY of these shootings! But don't tell Democrats who are hell bent on punishing over 99% of Americans who own firearms and conduct themselves lawfully.

Meanwhile, Obama's hometown, Chicago Illinois, is the murder capital of the U.S.A. followed closely by Detroit, Michigan. Both have strict gun laws. On the flip side, Aurora, the second largest city in Illinois and previously a very violent place, had ZERO murders in 2012. The difference wasn't gun control, but a campaign targeting violent gangs.

Odd how Democrats in Washington, DC haven't figured out that targeting gang violence and those who misuse firearms does more to prevent violent crime than gun control measures that largely serve to punish lawful gun owners. I wonder why that is? Perhaps Dems are more interested in scoring political points than solutions?

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