John Bolton

John Bolton

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Obama's War on Women and Blacks Continues with Latest Top Appointments

More old, white men. No blacks or women allowed!

From the Washington Post by way of Hot Air:

Obama, who made women’s issues a core of his reelection bid, has nominated men to serve in three of his most prominent national security positions, including secretary of state, where Sen. John F. Kerry (D) was named last month to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton. The president on Monday announced former senator Chuck Hagel for the defense job and counterterrorism adviser John O. Brennan to head the CIA. …
The Obama Administration response to criticism:
Obama is committed to “finding the very best people for each job,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Monday, when asked about the lack of women among the second-term appointments. “And that’s what he’s done today, and that’s what he’ll continue to do.”
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reminds us how the Obama campaign beat up Mitt Romney for saying that as Governor of Massachusetts he kept "binders full of women" to help him fill top jobs.

Maybe Obama needs to get him some binders full of women and minorities!

UPDATE: Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) agrees. Obama has a diversity problem. In an interview the irascible long serving Congressman from New York said it was "embarrassing as hell" and "no excuse" for the lack of diversity in Obama's White House. He said that Obama most likely suffers from the "Harvard problem" of being more comfortable with elitists like himself.

Perhaps the NAACP or Jesse Jackson could hold diversity seminars at the White House.

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