John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, January 25, 2013

What do House Flies Know About Obama? Or, The Bug Stops Here!

And why did Beyoncé fake singing Nation Anthem at Obama's Inaugural?

Odd connection between the two stories? Perhaps. Or then again, perhaps not.

The Bug Stops Here!
First, what is it about house flies and Obama? On Thursday a fly was all over Obama as he announced two more nominations to his Administration. See the Daily Mail for the full story with more photos.

This might be just an odd story if it was the first time such a thing happened but it's not. Once is odd, twice is a coincidence but four times is downright weird. I'll leave it to readers to discuss what the message is.

Then, there's singer Beyoncé, who reportedly faked her performance at Obama's Inaugural earlier in the week. Speculation is she didn't have time to rehearse or that she might be saving herself for her performance at the Super Bowl. Either way, it's a real slap in the face to Obama who part of her celebrity posse. It's a real honor to be asked to sing at such a major national event but apparently, Beyoncé could only give it lip service!

I believe there is a connection between the two stories but I'll leave it up to readers to speculate on what that might be!

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