John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ban Democrats, Not Guns

Is it any coincidence that nearly all the cities with the highest gun rate of gun deaths are Democrat enclaves with a majority Democrat population run by generations of Democrat politicians?

 It's a safe bet that these cities have strict gun laws that criminals ignore. Dems also oppose many of the community policing practices that have proven so effective in reducing gun crime.

In his push for gun control Obama is fond of saying "if there's one life we can save, we've got an obligation to try." Columnist Ron Hart points out: "Only 323 deaths last year were caused by assault weapons; 496 Americans were killed with hammers and 650 with knives; 12,000 people died because of drunk drivers. Millions of Americans are dying from obesity-related causes; perhaps a one-week waiting period to buy a Twinkie is next? Or shall we confiscate all forks?"

One more gun related quickie. This from the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. In a nutshell: It's too late to call 911 when the wolf is at the door. Don't be a victim. Defend yourself!

There are many stories to back up the Sheriff's concern.  Should these folks who lawfully defended themselves be put at risk by misguided legislation that won't stop criminals?

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