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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obama's Recycled "Not One Dime" Rhetoric in State of the Union Speech

His audience should have learned their lesson from the last time he broke his "not one dime" pledge on taxes!

I didn't watch Obama's State of the Union address. I didn't have to. I've heard him say the same things, with nearly the exact wording for four years now. It's no accident that every time he speaks it's like deja vu. It seems they just dust off last years State of the Union speech, change a few dates and voila! It doesn't matter that his rhetoric doesn't match his record. For many, it's Obama and he just sounds so darn earnest and convincing they'll swallow it whole each time.

Well he did it again on Tuesday. In a speech filled with the usual straw men attacks on Republicans and false promises he recycled some past campaign rhetoric when he described his new spending plans this way: “nothing I’m proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime."

Obama obviously choose his words carefully and he is correct. Republicans were quick to point out that he hasn't added a "single dime" to the deficit but over 58 trillion dimes and counting.

Here's video example of his recycled "not one dime" rhetoric:

Of course lower and middle income workers who heard his campaign promise that he wouldn't raise their taxes by a single dime already know how shifty he was on that one with last month's payroll tax increase; not to mention the tax increases in ObamaCare and a host of others.

This latest campaign speech by Obama was shocking for the absence of any mention, let alone real leadership on the serious issues confronting the nation. Here's a graphic which illustrates Obama's lack of seriousness on these issues:

Obama's Address confirms the trend we have seen with his Inaugural Address and every speech since his re-election. We're in for four years of endless political discord led by the Divider in Chief. Meanwhile, our problems will only continue to grow with little hope for real solutions!

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