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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Messed Up Media: The Strange Emphasis on Dem Candidate in Special Congressional Election

Lead in Associated Press story gives one sentence to SC's next Congressman and 9 paragraphs to celebrity related Dem who has zero chance of winning!

Here in the SC Lowcountry we voted on Tuesday in a primary to select the replacement for Tim Scott (R-SC) who was appointed to the U.S. Senate to fill the remainder of the term of left vacant by Jim DeMint who resigned to become President of the Heritage Foundation.

As expected, former SC Governor Mark Sanford, who resigned in disgrace several years ago after admitting an affair with a woman from Argentina, did well and after the runoff (there were 16 names on the GOP primary ballot) will face Democrat opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch, the sister of political satirist Stephen Colbert who has a program on Comedy Central. Sanford will win in a landslide in this heavily conservative district.

So, when I read the news of the election in an Associated Press story by Bruce Smith I was struck by the fact that there was one sentence about Sanford followed by nine paragraphs about Colbert Busch. Included were the reminiscences of Colbert Busch's childhood dream to be active in politics.

Next to nothing was said about the other potential candidate in the runoff with Sanford (second place is still being determined) but it's a safe bet that person has a greater chance to win than Colbert Busch.

Just another in a long line of examples of not so subtle media bias. A clear effort to shower the Dem hopeful with positive, though irrelevant, coverage. To this reporter, even the childhood dreams of a no chance candidate is more newsworthy than giving people the information they need to make a decision in the upcoming runoff!

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