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John Bolton

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shockingly Ignorant Voters!

No wonder Obama gets away with what he does!

You need proof of just how ignorant many Americans are on the key political issues of the day? Watch this video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show where they send someone out to ask what people on the street think of Obama pardoning the Sequester and sending it to Portugal:

"Sequester what? I don't know. I just voted for him [Obama] because he's black!"

Put aside for a moment the ready admission of racism on the part of the black woman who admitted only voting for Obama because he's black. We've come to expect that. What's even more disturbing is the fact that no one seemed to even know what the Sequester is. This should frighten those of us who know that for democracy to function it depends on an informed electorate.

I'd be willing to bet that those same people could tell you every bit of gossip about the latest celebrity scandal. Our culture has become so dumbed down that the people are no longer able to exercise their political judgment effectively. Who can we thank for that? Democrats who control the levers of education and entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Not a terrible surprise about the racism or about the utter stupidity displayed by these morons. Jesse Waters finds them every where. I can just walk around downtown and spot these characters all over the place. And Jimmy K is feeding right into it. Just to watch his show by definition makes one a moron as well.

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